Cynthia’s approach to design + décor has always been through the lens of a storyteller.  She breathes life into spaces and characters with meticulous selection and design of furnishings.  Each space is created down to the smallest of carefully chosen items revealing the heart and soul within the setting.  She has always had a passion for all things design from the large, grand scale of architecture to the tiniest of details, all of which define the character, personality, period or style.  She can craft beauty within the aged, worn, dilapidated and somewhat decayed. When the story calls for it, she makes the pristine and conventionally beautiful fill one with dread.  Every minute choice announces the characters before they ever utter a word or enter a room.

Cynthia tells the writer’s story through décor.

Her profound sense of curiosity and myriad interests have taken her across the globe for work and play where she discovered vast communities of unique design.  Her style has been honed by this travel and 30 years of experience in the film & television industry.  This distinctive flair has created the look of many films, numerous television shows as well as countless television commercials.  Ms. McCormac also worked as a senior designer for interior design firm Roman + Williams, listed as one of the top design firms by Elle Décor, and Architectural Digest. During her tenure, she collaborated on the design and décor of numerous celebrity interiors. Also, commissioned by Rachel Ashwell, Ms. McCormac created the famed Shabby Chic design style still gracing homes today.

Artwork credit: Vivvienne Sato